Glaucoma, known as a sneak thief of eyesight, is one of the most sight threatening condition of the eye. It usually occurs among the people above 40 years of age especially who have family history of glaucoma. It is caused due to excess build-up of fluid inside the yee, which in normal case, is drained in blood stream. The fluid exerts pressure on vital parts of the eye like optic nerve and causes irreversible damage. Initially, field vision is affected. Sankara Eye Hospital Provides Best Glaucoma Treatment In India


Signs and Symptoms

  • Seeing of coloured halos around the source of light
  • Headache and pain in the eye
  • Gradual loss of side vision and restriction of field of vision
  • Frequent change of spectacles


Glaucoma cannot be prevented, but blindness due to glaucoma can be avoided, if detected early and treated properly and regularly.


Regular check-up and medication as advised by the Eye-doctor is a must of lifetime. In certain cases, eye-doctor may advise surgery also. But even after surgery medication as advised by the doctor from time to time must be strictly followed to avoid blindness.