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Contact lenses correct refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness). Contacts can improve vision for people with these refractive errors.
Contact lenses are medical devices that require expert and experienced professionals who fit, assess the fit and dispense appropriate lenses for different eye conditions. They provide clear vision as in the case of spectacles, and in some cases, even better for high refractive errors. Apart from this they cosmetically enhance the appearance and improve field of vision.
Contact lenses types include Soft, Rigid, gas permeable and hybrid lenses. Other speciality lenses like keratoconus lenses, semiscleral and scleral lenses for irregular corneal surfaces help patients with Keratoconus and PMD, and also for post – surgical and post- lasik patients helping them with remarkably improved vision and good comfort.
Prosthetic contact lenses help to improve the appearance of disfigured eyes due to various pathologies.
Sankara eye hospital’s team of expert ophthalmologists and experienced optometrists can take utmost care to advice suitable lenses for the individual eyes. A thorough eye examination is done prior to fitting of contact lenses to assess the suitable contact lenses for each eye and for each type of refractive error.
Sankara has state of the art equipment for diagnosis and measurement of ocular surfaces that helps to fit correct lenses to the patient. Further all types of contact lenses are dispensed that includes single vision, mono vision and toric lenses. Bifocal and multifocal lenses for various refractive errors are also dispensed for those who have near-vision problems in addition to defective distance vision.
In addition Bandage contact lenses are fitted by our ophthalmologists for corneal ulcers when necessary that brings in relief and treat the corneal ulcer faster. Implantable contact lenses are a break-through technology for correcting refractive errors and to avoid complications due to refractive surgery and our team of corneal specialists can advise on this.