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The spectacle division at Sankara @ Pammal started in a small way in December 2008. Our state-of-the-art fitting and processing lab combined with the expertise of our trained staff are here to provide you the best service.

Here we provide a wide range of frames of every style. We offer new-age frames such as Titanium, Stainless Steel, rimless and flexible frames. We also dispense Progressive lenses.

Lenses available range from regular glass lenses to the latest in polycarbonates.


We offer the following special lenses also:


Special prescriptions, lenses and lens-coatings may take longer to deliver.

We also ensure the availability of our quality spectacles to the community through Kannoli-Vision Saver outreach camps. These spectacles are provided at an affordable price and are fitted and dispensed on the spot. The service thus provided is convenient and complete.

Spectacle accessories like cases, chains, cleaning solutions and wiping cloth are also available here. A wide range of sunglasses is also available. Post-operative dark glasses can also be purchased here.