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Truck Drivers Eye Screening and issue of spectacles

The impact of visual impairment on the drivers has important social and economic implications on the rest of the country since visual impairment of drivers can cause road traffic accidents, delay in delivery of goods etc. There is no study done on blindness among bus/lorry drivers so far. However, considering the 17% prevalence of visual impairment in India, it can be presumed that many drivers would be in need of screening for sub-optimal vision. In view of the nature of their work where they are almost always on the move, their ability to get their eyes examined is limited by both access and intent. Our experience has been that many such drivers have been driving for years with visual impairments thus posing serious risks to themselves and other users of the roads. Sankara is one of the best eye hospital in Chennai and odisha to solve all your eye problems.

Goal of the Project

Contribute in identification and addressing, where possible, of visual impairments among Occupational Drivers (Truck, Bus) residing in or transiting through Chennai by means of a sustained screening programme.


To promote eye health seeking behaviour among the trucking community in the identified locations.

Eye Screening Camps for Drivers

The main model works through a team which would conduct primary level eye screenings for the bus/lorry/truck drivers in identified locations in Chennai. The camps are conducted on a regular basis in various locations in Chennai throughout the year. In the first round of camps, the drivers are tested for refractive errors and prescribed with spectacles, where needed. Subject to feasibility, the spectacles will be made ready and distributed.  Those with other complications will be advised for further consultation. The drivers will also be counseled for better eye health behaviour.

Referral to Hospitals

Efforts will be made for referrals for the problems pertaining to secondary eye conditions like cataract, refractive error, diabetic retinopathy etc.