Make a difference

A Blind person is deprived of very many delights of this world which most of us take for granted. When such blindness is avoidable and it is in our hands to help a person to see this world, a small contribution can really make a BIG difference.
At Sankara Eye Hospital, we do our modest bit through our rural outreach programme where we identify such needlessly blind people, bring them to our Hospital, carry out surgery and take them back to their villages. We also carry out post surgical reviews at the villages 7 days and 30 days after the surgery. We take pride in the fact that our track record of safe surgeries is well above the bench mark set by the WHO. We do all this as a service without charging the patients anything. If we did not do so, lack of access and affordability would probably force them to remain blind!
Almost 75% of our services are delivered free of cost to the needy which places a challenge on us when expensive Ophthalmic equipment need to be replaced. Such equipment are essential for delivery of safe and qualitative medical and surgical services. ​In our crusade, while we have the Doctors, the paramedical staff and excellent state of the art equipment, what we need are small donations to cover the shortfall in expenses towards our services. There are many ways one can make a difference. See panel on left for options: