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Blindness is one of the major public health problems in the developing countries. According to World Health Organization, corneal diseases (Damage to the tissue covering the front of eye called cornea) are among the major causes of vision loss and blindness, after cataract and glaucoma.

In most cases, loss of sight can be corrected through ‘Eye Donation” After the death of a person, various organs can be donated and can be surgically transplanted to the patients who need them. One such organ is the eye. By donating eyes after death, a corneal blind person can see again through a surgical procedure known as corneal transplantation, where by the damaged cornea is replaced by a healthy cornea from the eye donor.

Every year, National Eye Donation Fortnight is observed 25th August to 8th September. During this fortnight, campaigns are carried out to create mass awareness on the importance of eye donation and to motivate people to pledge their eyes fr donation after death. The campaigns take the form of posters and banners in prominent areas, hand bills and rallies by Staff, College and School students

All we need to know about eye donation

  • Eye donation is donating one’s eyes after his/her death.
  • Only corneal blind people are benefitted from donated eyes.
  • Corneal blindness is the loss of sight due to damage in the tissue covering the front of eye called cornea.
  • Anyone can donate their eyes irrespective of age, sex and blood group.
  • The cornea should be removed within six hours of death.
  • Eyes of donated person can save the vision of at least two corneal blind people.
  • Eye removal takes only 10-15 minutes and leaves no scar or disfigurement of the face.
  • Donated eyes are never bought or sold. Eye donation is never refused.
  • Contact the eye bank to become a registered eye donor.

Actions by relatives upon death of Donor

  • Close the eyelids of the donor
  • Switch off the fan; you can switch on the air -conditioner
  • Raise the head of the deceased slightly by placing a pillow underneath
  • Contact the nearest eye bank as quickly as possible
Remember: Eye Donation can be done only with the written consent of the next of kin in the presence of two witnesses.